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Students are expected to use the appropriate tone and style when posting to this wiki. You are not to post to this wiki like you would when you are using instant messaging, texting or e-mailing friends. In the past I've seen students write in class using the style they would if they were texting or e-mailing a friend. It's very important for you to see the difference, and to know when to use certain styles of language.

How do you .....

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Add an Image?

First you have to add your image to a space. When images are uploaded to spaces they can be inserted into any page in that space. To upload an image you......

  1. On any page in your space click "Manage Space"
  2. Click "List and Upload Files"
  3. Browse to select your file then click "Send File"
Once the image is there you insert the code ( imagename ) where you want the picture to go - just like thissmile.jpgEwok18


View the tutorial video here or read the instructions below.

Using the visual editor to hyperlink to a page OUTSIDE of wikispaces (an external link).
Click on Edit this page.
Highlight the words you wish to carry the hyperlink.
Click on the button that looks like the world with a chainlink on it at the top of the visual editor. (there's two buttons there but one looks like the chainlink is broken - that one undoes a hyperlink without deleting the words).
Click the circle Extenal link and enter the URL for the website you are wanting to hyperlink to. (You don't need to add http:// - it's already there)
Click OK.
Save your wiki page.

You can use the visual editor to hyperlink to a page within the wikispace (ie: the page has already been created).
Simply highlight the words that will carry the hyperlink - follow the same instructions above but make sure the circle for Wiki Links is filled in and use the drop down menu to find the correct wikispace page you are wanting to hyperlink to.

Using html code to hyperlink within wikispaces and create a new page at the same time:
Click on Edit this page
Use the following bracket [ twice: Like this [[Type the word or words that will be the hyperlink or the name of the page: [[class blogUse the following bracket ] twice: Like this ]] at the end of the word/s (do not leave any spaces)
(you will find this bracket [ next to the p on the keyboard and the ] bracket next to the [ )
Your new page should appear.