One of our first tasks of 2008 will be to create a wikipage on Internet Safety.

  1. On YOUR own page MsH would like you to think about then write down some Internet Safety guidelines.
  • What are the things that we should or shouldn't be doing whilst we are on the Internet?
  • How do we keep ourselves safe?
  • What should we do when we feel unsafe?
  • Talk to Mum/Dad/Caregivers/Adults in your house about what they think.
  • We can look at each others pages but not edit anyone else's page except our own.
  • We can post a message on anyone's discussion tab after looking at their work.
  • Should we trust everything we read on the Internet? How will we know what to trust or what not to trust?penguin12.gif

When we're all finished we will decide on which things to transfer over to this page. This will be our first collaborative project.

Here are some links to help you get started:

Internet Safety Group
WKN Internet Safety