Project Feel good project by Bob18

1. My cat Chaz because he is really cute and he allways wants to be cuddled.
2. Singing because I like to sing and it makes me happy.
3. All animals because most of them are cute and I love anything thats cute.
4. Chocolate because it is my favourite food and it also makes me happy.
5. Gymnastics because it is thrilling.
6. Pies because I love mince and pastry.
7. Fishing cause it feels great to catch something!
8. Netball because I like to run around.butterfly.jpg
9. Going out because I like getting dressed up.
10. colouring because I like making things colourful.
11. Soccer because I like to run around.
12. Pizza so good.
13. music because its loud.
14. Going out on boats I love going fast!
15. Swimming in hot pools cause its so relaxing.
16. Apple pie so good.
17. Running cause I feel free!
18. Suprises I love them.
19. Writing because I love using my imagination.
20. Treasure hunts cause I like finding things.
21. Reading cause I like exciting books.
22. Fish YUMMY!!
23. T.V my best friend!
24. My friends when I am with them I feel safe.
25. Hot baths I love to relax.
26. Dancing I'm not very good but it's still fun.
27. Painting cause I love things that are colourful.
28. Ice skating because It's fast!
29. swings cause they go high.
30. Summer I love the hot sun.
31. Roses cause they smell so good.
32. hot chocolate so delicious!
33. rain when I am snuggling under my covers nice and warm!
34. Sunbathing I love to soak up the sun!.
35. Clothes I love to try out the new trends!
36. Doing stuff infront of an audiance.

Internet safety guidelines

1. Always ask an adult before going into new sites.
2. If something comes up asking for your name and adress then just find an adult or turn the screen off! DO NOT WRITE YOUR FULL NAME OR ADRESS ANYWHERE!!!!!!!
3. Don't go into sights that you are unsure about!