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monkeys-I like monkeys because they look funny swing from tree to tree
biking-I like biking it realy gives me a thrill in my life
Mc donalds-it is a very nice take away
wake boarding-wake boarding is very fun trying to do tricks
playstaition-because it relaxes my
milk shakes-a like milk shakes because they can come in lots of nice flavers
drawing- i like drawing because it makes me feel good when I draw something cool
chineis food- because it tastes so nice and I love noddles
money- because if I was a billion money-I like money air I could buy what ever I want
wristling-because it is fun to watch and fun to play
origami-because it cool to see what I can make
movies- because they are really cool when I am in the mood
kittens-because they are so cute

Internet safety

We should not go on to rode web sites and do not give any detales about your self
and do not put any photos of your self on the internet.

We can keep our self safe if do not put any detales that some one can find
that it is you and do not put any photos of your self

If you feel unsafe tell a parent or a teacher when you get to school and get out of the web site