Hi, this is my page now and I hope it gets fired up soon. In the meantime, here are my internet safety guidelines .........
  • NEVER use your real name, first or last
  • Always ask your parents before going onto sites.
  • If you feel insecure, notify your parents and DON'T go on that website.
  • Tell an adult if you notice anything nasty or that is breaching rules.
  • Don't give away any details about yourself or your family.
  • Don't arrange a meeting with someone you have not met in person.
  • Don't trust most of what you read on Wikipedia because virtually anyone can edit it.
  • Stay out of chatrooms unless you have parent or teacher permission.
  • Don't try to unblock pop-ups or websites. They will be blocked because they are inappropriate or safe.


1.Beaches -they make me relaxed and free to do anything.
2.Sand -it's so cushiony and welcoming underneath your feet.
3.Rope-swinging -the exhilaration is cool.
4.Chocolate -it's just so sweet and melt-in-your-mouth.
5.Lollies -I am a crazed fan of non-hard(these are usually boiled)sweets..
6.Books -I like reading fantasy and mystery in particular, it's a good way of spending time.
7.Bubbles -they look so perfect and sphere shaped, full of rainbow light.
8.Water -it's so sleek and cool.
9.Creating things -like scrapbooking and cards.
10.Collecting interesting scraps and bits -they're, well, interesting.
11.Plants and flowers -they are very pretty and crisp,
especially with the morning dew on them, and how they make food is cool.
12.Icecream -the sweet, cooling flavour is delicious. Same goes for...
14. Ditto garlic bread.
15. And fresh bread.
16.Or muffins.
17. Nature -I love the topic of rainforests and any animal that lives there.
The same goes for coral reefs. I also particulary like birds of paradise.
18.Sleepovers -they rock!
19.Desserts -I really don't have to tell you about these-you already know they're delicious.
20.My best friends -playing with them is so fun
21.My family -I could never live without them.
22.Poems -writing them is cool -it's like writing a spider's web of mystery and rhymes.