Project Feel Good

Family-I love my family because they are good to me.
Hot Chocolate- makes me warm on a cold day.
Books-They are very interesting and I like reading.
Flowers-The perfect gift to give when someones sad.
Skyping-I love to connect with people and meet them.
Beaches-Swimming and taking walks relax me after my brothers been near me.
Softball-I love to win for my class.
Animals-Somke of them are so cute like the Rabbits.
Auckland-My Aunty makes me feel so welcome.
Clickers-They're better tha writing on paper.
Fruit-I just love my fruit any fruit will do.
Shopping-I can never get enough of shopping
Friends-They are so helpful (but not all the time).
Swimming-Not the best but like to exercise.
Scrap Booking-I cant get enough of putting ugly and pretty photos of my family.
School-I like to learn new things every day.
Bagels-So nice to have for breakfast.
Colours-They appeal to me I really like light blue.
Shooting-I am a very good aimer when it comes to shooting.
Music-Music is apart of my life cant live without it.
Dragons-They are so big and fierce.
Laser Force-so many cool guns.
Bubblegum-So chewy and tasty
Computers-They are so handy to do your work or research.
Drawing-Im not that good but I love drawing.

Internet Safety
1.Never ever share personal details or first and last names.
2.Always tell your parents if you feel unsafe on a site.
3.If you dont like the look of the site don't go on.
4.Ask your parents before you go on to any websites you don't know.
5.Never go on to chatrooms unless you have permission by a parent or teacher.
6.Tell a adult if you see any nasty or notice anything bad.
7.Dont trust everything you see on wikipedia they are not always real.
8.Never arrange meetings with someone off the net.

How To Make Spaghetti Bolongse

Mixed vegetables (this is optional)
Medium sized pot and pan.
Long pasta/straight.
Fork and knife.
Tomato puree.
A whole tomato.

To Cook Your Bolongse

1.Fill your pot up with water just under half way.
2.Turn oven on high,put your pot on to boil.
3.When your pot is boiling put the pasta in and leave for about 5mins.
4.Turn oven down to about four.
5.Tip a little bit of oil into frying pan.
6.Add mixed vegetables this is optional cook for four mins.
7.Add tomato puree to mince and stir.
8.Slice up your tomato and add it to the mince.
9.Turn your pasta off and drain.
10.Pour pasta into mince stir it all up and serve.