Hi guys of cos im Aaron i come from England (God save the king) that means am a pome. I live in a family of five,kim (mum),mason(brother),mark(dad)and jody(My anoying sister).I like a lot of sports but i like the most is rugby and m/a.

There are 3 kinds could bob, joe and jack. They were walking in a forist when a thing come out of know were.He said "you have to get my 10 kinds of food each".So thay set out. The first one to come back was jack he had 10 pea nuts. Then the thing said"put them up your bum with out any sound or ill eat you". So he gets to the 5th one and starts to cry the the thing eats him. Then Joe comes back with 10 bannanas.Then the thing says the same thing"put them up your bum with out any sound or ill eat you"So he gets to the 9th one then he
starts to laugh so he gets eaten.then in the tummy of the thing jack said to joe"you were so close you were on you 9th one.joe replid
"coz i sore bob come back with 10 warter mellons.(lol lol)

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