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Increible Argentina!

Ms H has just returned from her AFS One-Month Language Immersion Award, in Parana, Argentina. Check out her digital story that she shared with Kaweka students during their Team Assembly.

Poll for Giraffe's Name

Click here to find out Giraffe's new name!

Project Lemonade

We are the only New Zealand school involved in this collaborative project with the Lower Merion School District in Ardmore, PA, and classrooms around the globe. Inspired by the true story of Alex Scott, Project Lemonade was started to get kids to think about how they can make a difference in the world. When faced with her biggest challenge, Alex decided to start a lemonade stand to raise money for cancer research. Alex's Lemonade Stand has drawn national attention, and has raised millions of dollars for pediatric cancer research. Watch Alex's Inspiring Story....

This project will encompass the participation of classrooms all over the world. A 5 month long project duration will enable classrooms to connect , whenever, wherever. 3 videoconference events will take place to connect kids from other countries and cultures. Through videoconferencing, blogging, and a wiki, students will work together to solve real problems in their own school, community, country, and the world. Students will debate, discuss, and generate questions based on essential questions that will drive the project. The project will culminate with a product to be shared via Ex: video, podcast, etc. This project is about real world problems and how we can make a difference in the world.
Room18's page on the ProjectLemonade wiki can be found here.

Sir Edmund Hilary VoiceThread

This VoiceThread is a tribute to Sir Edmund Hilary, an amazing, gracious, and humble New Zealander, who sadly, passed away in January of this year.
This VoiceThread has been made public and available to students around various New Zealand schools to add to. As it is the beginning of our new school year we will be discussing in class the qualities of good learners, qualities of greatness and qualities of awesome people. Sir Edmund Hilary is such an inspiring role model of those sorts of qualities.

If you would like to contribute to our Sir Edmund Hilary VoiceThread, just click this link to record your thoughts, or record straight from the voicethread above. You can click on any of the pages and record your message there.


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