Internet Safety

  1. NEVER EVER share any personal details!
  2. If you feel unsafe on a site tell your parents
  3. If you find something inappropriate tell an adult and don't visit the page
  4. Make sure your parents or teacher know what sites you're on
  5. DON'T organize to meet someone from the internet if you haven't met them in person
  6. If you don't think it's real don't believe it

Project Feel Goodbutterfly.jpg

  1. Bubbles - They have heaps of colours
  2. Chocolate- I love it when it runs down my throat
  3. Forests- They're so green and I feel free
  4. Colours- It's just so...colourful and bright
  5. Ice-Cream- It's nice and cold on a hot day
  6. Fishing- I like sitting waiting for a bite
  7. The Beach- The sand between your toes feels nice
  8. Rain- It looks cool trickling down the window
  9. Swimming- I like swimming down to the bottom
  10. Reading- I can't hear anything else if I'm deep in a book
  11. Comedy- I like funny things.Ha,Ha,Hee,Hee
  12. Lollies- They taste nice- especially Block Heads
  13. Calm water- it looks nice and smooth
  14. Kittens- They're soooooo cute!
  15. Baby animals- They're all cute
  16. Playing the piano- I like learning and playing songs
  17. Nature- It's free
  18. My Family- They're always supporting me
  19. Drawing- I can draw good pictures
  20. The colour green- It helps me think
  21. Apple muffins- They taste good especially with custard